Year Established: 2002

Your Fondly Residential Electricians

Santa Fe Springs Electrical Is a famous name among electrical service providers. Our unfailing 24-hours/a day schedule has plenty of fans, and so is the undeniable quality in our ranks. As such, customers are rest assured that we will deliver ideally whenever we are needed. Especially since we've done this for years.

Our Services

Whether an impromptu power restoration or fixed light fixture installation, nothing beats our electricians' expertise. And that's not where our confidence ends. Everything in-between, such as light switch repair, electrical wiring, and circuit breaker installation, count too. Is that all? No, because you can still engage us for electrical panel upgrade and GFCI outlet repair.

Business Hours

We are fully at your service round the clock, literally. You can call on us at any time of the day, 7 days a week and we'll be there.

Service Area

Ring us wherever you require excellent electrical service in Santa Fe Springs, Los Angeles County.